Digital Development
In recent years, digital transformation has become a significant trend shaping the future of the construction industry. Accordingly, Zhen Hua has actively integrated various pre-existing information systems in the company through the adoption of different innovative technologies which overcome the limitations of traditional operations, with the aim to build a customized, scalable and sustainable digital infrastructure.
Central Management Office
In light of the rapid development of Zhen Hua's digital platform system, it is important to ensure that such system operates in a safe and reliable environment to assist our project teams to more easily manage the progress of the project works. For this purpose, we have established a central management office to integrate the various digital data and network video from different sources and different formats into a single management platform. All important information and data analysis of the digital system can be displayed on monitors in the central management office, which project teams can utilize in order to make better management and decision-making arrangements, thus improving the operation efficiency.
Mobile Office
At present, all of Zhen Hua's digital management systems are equipped with mobile terminals. We have strived to develop this mode of mobile working to remove time and geographical constraints, so that every employee can more easily manage their work and communicate at any place and under any working environment. Consequently, the overall company operation is able to become more coordinated and efficient, and the value of each digital system can be truly utilized to its maximum potential.