Smart Site
In recent years, digital transformation has become a significant trend shaping the future of the construction industry. Accordingly, Zhen Hua has actively integrated various pre-existing information systems in the company through the adoption of different innovative technologies which overcome the limitations of traditional operations, with the aim to build a customized, scalable and sustainable digital infrastructure.
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
As early as 2000, Zhen Hua has self-developed and updated its traditional document management system into a digital document management system. This digital document management system collects and archives project documents, and utilizes customized forms to simplify the document workflow, which greatly improves management and work efficiency.
Project Collaboration Platform
Zhen Hua has adopted a project collaborative works platform, through which management staff and project teams can view BIM design drawings, P6 schedule programmes and various other project documents in real-time. The platform also enables project information to be shared amongst personnel, which can facilitate timely and effective solutions to problems through use of the platform tracking tools and editing function.
Office Automation Collaborative Platform
Zhen Hua has adopted the office automation system, which uses online workflow technology, to replace traditional or repetitive work, enhance efficiency in document flow and approval, and provide a convenient and advanced digital working experience for employees. It also enables a paperless workflow, and reduces the company operation cost.
Smart Site
In co-operation with a highly regarded 5G service provider, Zhen Hua has adopted 5G digital technology to build a management platform using 5G core terminal equipment that provides a reliable, low delay and wide bandwidth working environment. Furthermore, we have made use of 5G technology for drone aerial map survey, site inspection and sharing of information for decision makers. In respect of project safety management, Zhen Hua has adopted the 5G Eagle Eye System to provide real-time site monitoring through the 5G network which provides convenient remote supervision and management. In particular, artificial intelligence (AI) systems can help to mitigate risk in construction processes.
Digital Engineering Supervision System
Zhen Hua has self-developed a project supervision system to implement a paperless workflow model, in which the document workflow can basically be implemented on mobile devices. At present, the system handles all safety records, site photos, management of the status of workers and site progress. Moreover, the system analyzes the data with artificial intelligence to help managers avoid accidents and improve the safety status of sites.